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Woody Fragrance

Vetiver & Cedarwood

“Unveiling natural elegance with an earthy symphony of a captivating fragrance journey.”

Step into the essence of natural elegance, where the earthy richness of vetiver harmonizes with the warm embrace of cedarwood, creating a captivating fragrance that effortlessly bridges tradition and modern allure.


Vetiver and Cedarwood, a seamless blend of robust earthiness and refined woodiness, orchestrate an aromatic masterpiece that gracefully transcends temporal and spatial boundaries.

This olfactory symphony acts as a sensory bridge, beckoning individuals to embark on a journey that effortlessly interweaves ancient traditions with contemporary elegance.


Vetiver’s sturdy essence stands as a testament to endurance and strength. Originating in the vibrant cultures of South Asia and weaving through the esteemed tapestry of perfumery, Vetiver embodies a grounding force that taps into the timeless wisdom of nature.

Cedarwood, a venerable companion, traces its fragrant history through the aromatic corridors of ancient Egypt, where its woody notes were revered for their purifying qualities.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes:

Smokey, Spicy

Starting the scent journey, the initial refreshing notes combine the lively zest of bergamot with the sharp clarity of juniper berries, crafting a spirited prelude that lays the foundation for the unfolding tale of scents.

Heart Notes:

Clove, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Patchouli

Central to the scent profile, Vetiver takes center stage, unveiling its earthy and smoky essence. This robust character blends seamlessly with the warm and resinous undertones of cedarwood, composing a symphony that elegantly combines ruggedness with sophistication.

Base Notes:

Sandalwood, Vanilla, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Musk

Underlying notes come to the forefront, where the profound and velvety nature of patchouli intertwines with the delicate sweetness of vanilla, adding intricate layers of complexity. This enduring base leaves behind a lasting trail, evoking a sense of grounding and enveloping warmth.

Healthy Properties and Impact

Vetiver, celebrated for its ability to ground and calm, holds a cherished position in aromatherapy, fostering relaxation and easing anxiety. Cedarwood, known for its soothing and purifying qualities, is thought to encourage balance and mental clarity. United, they create an aromatic elixir that nurtures both the body and soul.

This intriguing pair of fragrances extends beyond the tangible, imprinting a positive and enduring influence. Vetiver and Cedarwood, as aromatic guardians, invite mindfulness and a profound connection with the natural world – a sanctuary for the spirit, a testament to the timeless allure found in the harmonious union of earth and wood.

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