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A tropical Body Spa at a comfort of your home! Indulge your senses with our limited edition Mango collection of personal care necessities.


Product of the Month:

Hand Wash

Designed to gently cleanse your hands as well as provide extra hydration! The luxurious lather is delicately scented, leaving your skin feeling soft and clean.

All Hand Washes 25% off with voucher code:


Fragrance of the Month:

Eucalyptus & Blackcurrant

Magnificently uplifting, Eucalyptus and Buchu leaves rest on a Woody base of subtle Camphor. Top notes of Blackcurrant and Mint create a clean, fresh and exhilarating trip across the heavens.

All Eucalyptus & Blackcurrant products 25% off with voucher code:


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