Honoring the Women in Your Life
Celebrate the women who inspire and empower us with our collection of fragranced products designed to evoke feelings of confidence, strength, and beauty.

Who said bigger isn't better?

Our large candles offer a long burn time, release more fragrance, bring more light and warmth adding charm to any ambiance. Hand poured using a bespoke Bahoma wax blend they guarantee a good fragrance throw and can be a great centre piece in any interior.

Reinvent your skin care routine this Autumn

It is this time of a year when our bodies need more attention. Start looking after your skin with our Desire collection. The sultry, warm and luxurious Vanilla fragrance tempered by a luscious Amber core will be a perfect scent to take care of your senses.

Fragrances trigger more than just memories...

All fragrances smell but few can transform your Spirit with the power of Bahoma fragrances. Each scent is carefully composed like a symphony to touch and bring emotions caressing our senses.