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Orange Spice

“Where zesty warmth meets the comforting embrace of spices.”

As nature unfolds its vibrant tapestry and transformation fills the air, Orange Spice takes center stage. In this season of change and inner reflection, we invite you to immerse yourself in the essence of this captivating fragrance.


Orange Spice is a fragrant homage to the autumnal beauty, marrying the comforting embrace of the season with a sense of spiritual awakening.

Whether you’re seeking quiet moments of introspection or yearning to reconnect with your inner self, Orange Spice is your spiritual companion. Its aromatic dance inspires us to embrace the transformative power of the season and reflect on the deeper aspects of life.


Orange Spice draws inspiration from ancient cultures that celebrated the harmonious blend of oranges and spices. This historic fusion, intertwined with rituals and symbolism, symbolizes purity, vitality, and transformation.

Oranges represent prosperity, while cloves and cinnamon offer warmth and comfort. This fusion infuses Orange Spice with a timeless tradition, connecting us to our ancestors’ wisdom and captivating our senses today.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes:

Orange Zest, Mandarin, Cloves, Cinnamon

The journey commences with a lively burst of spicy citrus. Cloves, cinnamon, and vibrant oranges create an invigorating symphony of scents, much like the changing autumn leaves, awakening the soul to the transformative power of nature.

Heart Notes:

Anise, Toasted Vanilla

Delving deeper into the fragrance, you'll discover the soothing presence of anise, reminiscent of tranquil starry nights. This is harmoniously paired with the comforting aroma of toasted vanilla, conjuring the idea of freshly baked goods.

Base Notes:

Sweet Vanilla, Nutmeg, Cardamom

The fragrance reaches its crescendo with vanilla sweetness, akin to the gentle caress of an autumn breeze. Subtle spices round off the experience, leaving a profound impression that reverberates with the depth of spiritual awareness.

Healthy Properties and Impact

Beyond its enchanting scent, Orange Spice is infused with the wholesome properties of oranges, known for their vitamin C content and mood-boosting potential. The orange essential oil within this fragrance serves as a reminder of life’s vitality and the tranquility that comes with embracing change.

This fragrance aims to create a profound impact in your life, encouraging moments of introspection during the fall and fostering a reconnection with your inner self. Aromatic dance inspires us to embrace the transformative power of the season and reflect on the deeper facets of life.

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