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Gourmand fragrance


“Elevate your senses with a fragrance that embodies pure indulgence.”

A deep, rich gourmand fragrance couples a sweet, joyful heart with a sophisticated edge. An indulgent fragrance based on caramelised plums with a hint of raw vanilla this perfume wraps your senses in a comforting cocoon.


Crafted from the opulent essence of luxury and sensual allure, Indulgence is a fragrant melody that unfolds a perfumed narrative transcending the confines of time and space.

This captivating blend captures the irresistible charm of indulgence, inviting individuals to embark on a sensory journey into the realms of sophistication and pleasure.


Indulgence draws inspiration from the lavish notes of opulent celebrations and the decadent allure of sensual indulgence. From the grand soirées of aristocratic soirees to the intimate moments of private indulgence, the fragrance echoes the rich history of luxurious essences as symbols of desire and pleasure.

It symbolizes the enduring allure of fragrant excess, resonating with the whispers of opulent celebrations and the timeless essence of sensual satisfaction.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes:

Lemon, Orange

Beginning the fragrant voyage, the top notes reveal the effervescent sparkle of champagne, intertwined with the sweetness of ripe berries and a touch of citrusy bergamot, establishing the foundation for the evolving olfactory symphony.

Heart Notes:

Jasmine, Rose, Cyclamen

The floral opulence of jasmine takes center stage, interwoven with the creamy notes of tuberose and the exotic richness of ylang-ylang, forming a nuanced bouquet that captures the essence of luxurious indulgence and sensual pleasure.

Base Notes:

Patchouli, Vanilla, White Musk, Vetiver, Sandalwood

Continuing in the scented journey, the base notes gradually unfold, revealing the velvety embrace of vanilla and the seductive warmth of musk. This emergence deepens the experience, leaving an enduring trail of decadent allure.

Healthy Properties and Impact

The uplifting and mood-enhancing properties of the fragrance find a place in personal indulgence, promoting a sense of confidence and allure. The harmonious blend of fruity, floral, and sensual notes is believed to evoke feelings of pleasure and satisfaction, creating an aromatic elixir that rejuvenates both the body and spirit, offering a fragrant sanctuary for holistic well-being.

Indulgence, as a fragrant companion, inspires a deep sense of connection with the opulent beauty of indulgent moments—a sanctuary for the spirit, a reminder of the enduring allure found in the harmonious blend of luxurious notes and sensual satisfaction.

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