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Woody Fragrance

Amber & Thyme

“Timeless radiance in harmonious fusion, embracing the warm depth and herbaceous allure.”

Embrace timeless radiance as warm depth intertwines with herbaceous allure, crafting a fragrance inviting you into sophistication and tranquility, where tradition meets modern elegance.


Amber & Thyme, an olfactory composition crafted from the warm embrace of amber and the herbal freshness of thyme, narrates a fragrant tale that surpasses the confines of time and space.

This harmonious blend captures the enduring charm of amber, interwoven with the invigorating essence of thyme, beckoning individuals to embark on a sensory journey into the realms of warmth and herbal sophistication.


From the opulent fragrances of ancient civilizations to the herb gardens of medieval monasteries, the fragrance echoes the rich history of amber as a symbol of warmth and thyme as an emblem of herbal elegance. It symbolizes the enduring allure of aromatic complexity, resonating with the whispers of centuries-old blends and the timeless essence of amber’s golden warmth.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes:

Aromatic, Elemi, Basil, Eucalyptus

Opening the aromatic journey, the top notes unveil the opulent and inviting essence of amber, laying the foundation for the unfolding olfactory symphony.

Heart Notes:

Clary Sage, Rose Absolute, Jasmine

Shifting to the fragrance's core, the herbal character of thyme takes center stage, intertwining with hints of lavender, crafting a nuanced bouquet that embodies the essence of warmth and herbal sophistication.

Base Notes:

Mate Absolute, Musk, Thyme, Amber

Advancing with the fragrance, the underlying notes surface, where the profound and resinous embrace of benzoin enhances the olfactory experience, leaving a lasting trail of timeless elegance.

Healthy Properties and Impact

The grounding and soothing effects of amber find a place in aromatherapy, promoting a sense of tranquility and warmth. Thyme, with its invigorating attributes, is believed to contribute to a revitalized and focused mind. Together, they create an aromatic elixir that rejuvenates both the body and spirit, offering a fragrant sanctuary for holistic well-being.

Amber & Thyme, as fragrant companions, inspire a deep sense of connection with the timeless beauty of nature – a sanctuary for the spirit, a reminder of the enduring allure found in the harmonious blend of amber’s warmth and thyme’s herbal sophistication.

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