How to …

We want you to fully enjoy this product and this ‘How To’ will help you to use your diffuser in the best way.

How To Open A Diffuser:

1. Cover the surface where you wish to open the diffuser with protective foil in case of any spillage.
2. Always wear protective gloves when opening a bottle and avoid any spills on skin or furniture. If any liquid contacts your skin then this should be washed off.
3. Hold the bottle with one hand and with the other hand, lift and pull the metal cap in the direction of the arrow until the end of lid and then pull the cap off the lid. Do this slowly and carefully so as not to break it but to pull it off the lid completely.
4. After the cap is removed the lid can be easily slid off, do this slowly and be careful of any sharp edges. Then carefully push open the inner silicon bung which will pull off easily.
5. Remove the plastic cover from the reed pack.
6. Insert the reeds into the bottle until they reach the bottom of the bottle.
7. To get the best fragrance dispersion you should turn the reeds over about every 4 days. This refreshes the reeds and stops them clogging up with fragrance oil. When you do this be VERY careful not to drop any contents of the bottle on any furniture or clothes or anything. Bahoma fragrances contain high concentrations of essential oils which may affect your valuables if they come into contact with the oils.
8. Enjoy your Bahoma fragrance!

Bahoma-Diffuser---Opening-Manual-1(2) Bahoma-Diffuser---Opening-Manual-2Bahoma-Diffuser---Opening-Manual-3 Bahoma-Diffuser---Opening-Manual-5