Shipley is a British artist and designer who studied at the Royal College of Art and has always had a love of nature, and a fascination with mixing imagination and reality. Each fantastical design is drawn by hand in pencil, inspired by the designer’s adventures in Africa, South America, and the Great British countryside! Emma J Shipley creates hand-drawn designs for nature lovers, dreamers and maximalists to be treasured for years to come.


This collection of perfumed candles and diffusers is offered in stunning bone china vessels, each individually decorated with Emma’s magical designs and real gold accents.



Juicy notes of ripening fig set on a fresh yet rich woody base of cedarwood create a playful melange of aromas. This monochrome design is inspired by Emma’s travels in the Amazon jungle, featuring jaguars hidden amongst foliage, playful parrots in the trees and surreal details.


A mixture of floral notes of patchouli essential oil and geranium are set on a woody and musky base creating a balsamic harmony. Inspired by the 19th Century botanical artist John Audubon, this design features fantastical birds along with geometric and scientific details.



Exotic notes of Madagascar vanilla pods are complimented by resinous and warm sandalwood. The design features the iconic British lion and unicorn, and is inspired by C.S.Lewis’ world of Narnia. Graphic foliage and surreal trees add a signature twist to this enchanting design. 


A harmonious woody oriental fragrance with aromatic accords and sandalwood, tonka beans, vanilla absolut base. The striking design is inspired by an African safari adventure, and features a fantastical array of creatures and foliage, including spotted giraffes sheltering under tropical palms and zebra unicorns.



Exuberant and seductive notes of tuberose and gingerlily are set on an amber and musky base which take you on a truly magical fragrance adventure. This intricate hand-drawn design features striking winged lynx with peacocks’ tails, leaping through a starry sky. Details inspired by South African rock paintings and San mythology complete the fantastical scene.


Sensual notes of spicy rose mixed with peach and jasmine are set on earthy vetiver take you on a journey through the enchanted jungle. Inspired by Jules Verne’s adventure stories and Emma’s travels to Botswana, striking leopard-spotted elephants take centre stage in this design. Leaping gazelles, birds of paradise and curious foliage also feature in this explosion of African fantasy.